Kouji Aiba
Kouji Aiba Mug
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First seen
"The Forthcoming Time"
Manga – Chapter 1
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"Infinite Ryvius"
Manga – Chapter 1231
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Date of birth
April 5th, 2209
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Family members
Yuki Alba – Brother

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Kouji Aiba is the main character of the Infinite Ryvius anime. He stands 5"6 (170.5 cm). His blood type is O. He went to the Liebe Delta for his class 3 licensee.

He is childhood friends with Ikumi Oze and Aoi Housen. He is also the older brother of Yuki, although they oppose one another for most of the series. People hate his passive and indecisive behavior, although he is seen by most onboard the Black Ryvius as the most logical person.

Episode-by-episode synopsisEdit

The Forthcoming TimeEdit

Kouji coincidently bumps into Aoi on the train to the space station. A month later, Kouji is frustrated of Aoi's "annoyances" and of a string of bad missions. However once he realizes the Liebe Delta was closing off sections, him and Ikumi went to save an apparent strander in Section 41. Right before they opened the entrance to it, Yuki shows up, culminating in a argument.