Note: For a simple list of sere names and their respective Japanese and literal translations, see Sere names

There are 26 episodes of the Infinite Ryvius anime. The episodes originally aired on Tokyo TV between October 6, 1999 and March 23, 2000.

The sere or episodes, are listed by their name given in the English dub not the original Japanese or literal translation, although they are given in their respective episode section and can be found using your browser's "Ctrl+F" function. If they are not present under a sere name, it should be assumed they are the same as the English title name. Detailed summaries are listed below in order. To prevent spoilers, we didn't divide them by arcs.

Sere 1: The Forthcoming TimeEdit

In Japanese: きたるべきとき / Kitaru beki toki
Literal Tranlation: A Time That Should Come