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The chronology of Infinite Ryvius is several centuries in length, but begins in the late-March of the year 2225 when Kouji Aiba leaves Earth for the Liebe Delta.
Special thanks to Future Without Limits for the information.

21st centuryEdit


  • Geduld Phenomenon occurs. The solar system is blanketed in a cloud-like sea of particles and radiation caused by a massive solar flare.

22nd centuryEdit


  • The Ryvius Incident. The experimental Vaia-ship, The Black Ryvius, awakens partially during an attempt to move the the bratica and the Vital Guarder separately. The gravitational field generated by the ship destroys the equipment and kills the crew working on it. Afterwards, the ship in its entirety is hidden inside the new Navigational trainship satellite Liebe Delta.